This year's activities and communication plan


This should Kårledningen bet on during the year

Optimizing union premises, promote entrepreneurship development activities on campus Lindhomen. These are some examples of projects from the business plan that was pushed yesterday at the first council meeting in Kårrestaurangen Johanneberg. It provides guidelines for what what kårledningen will focus particularly on the fiscal year 13/14.

In addition to the business plan is also a communication plan. It includes projects that are connected to a communications strategist in fixed by council *. Here are projects that will improve communication within the force - primarily between kårledning and union members. This year's focus includes developing work with the English communication and investigate how to improve the information of current affairs and advocacy to all members.

Thanks to both the business plan and communications plan can kårledningen work long-term to develop and improve member benefits. In addition to the plans work kårledningen continuously committees, associations, teknologsektioner and student representatives (companies?) And daily with education issues, student welfare, Labour and Member Services.

How does it work?

All activities are based on the Student Union's mission, which describes what the Corps should strive for. Tasks are broken down into goals and then to the projects that are in the business plan. These later approved by the General Council consisting of technologists. Apart from this, there are a number of other projects that continue long term. Are you interested to know more about these, please feel free to contact us in Kårledningen .

Download the Business Plan 13/14

Download communication plan 13/14

* The council is the Student Union's highest governing body. The council consists of 40 engineering students at Chalmers, who is elected by all members every spring.