Student Union Management Team


Each year in april nine sabbaticals are elected by the Student Union council to run the union's daily work. They are called Kårledningen, or the Student Union Management Team and they represent you in almost all matters concerning students at Chalmers.

Each office have their own area such as education, employability, student welfare and daily management. Kårledningen can affect issues such as the university's activities, CSN questions, exam weeks and unfair teachers by dedicated students sitting in university governance. Are you interested in joining the team? Read more about it here.

Meet this year's team and get to know your representatives better

Presidial Office

Presidieenheten consists of three positions: Student Union President (KO), Vice president (VO) and Premises Officer (HA). The work includes managing and coordinating the union's daily work.

Educational Affairs

Consist of a president (UO) and vice president (vUO) working to ensure that all students should be able to utilize their education.

Student welfare and campus life

The president (SO) works on wellbeing and equality and the vice president (vSO) on recreation and eventswithin the Student Union.

Career and Business Relations

Helps you get in touch with the business and is responsible for the union's contracts and partners. The vice president (vAO) is also the president of the annual careers fair CHARM.