Student Divisions

Every member of Chalmers Student Union is also a member of a student division. Student divisions do different things, including working towards improving your education and work environment. To do this there are different groups within the student division, including the student educational committee, the student safety and welfare representative (SAMO), and the student division board. They are run by students, which in almost all cases do this outside of their studies.

Student division board

The student division boards have the utmost responsibility of the student division. If you have questions regarding your division in general you can contact them. 
(A & AT) a-at-styret[at]
(AE) aestyret[at]
(D) styret[at]
(Ds) dokt[at]
(E) styret[at]
(F) styret[at]
(H) styret[at]
(I) istyret[at]
(IT) styrit[at]
(K) kstyret[at]
(KfKb) styret[at]
(M) mstyret[at]
(Sjö) styret[at]
(TD) tdstyret[at]
(V) vstyret[at]
(Z) vstyret[at]

Student educational committee – what do they do? 

The student educational committee is a group of students at your division who work to improve your education. They also provide support for students who are in need of information or have problems with their courses.  
Arranges study related activities
A bridge between students and teachers
Oversees courses and the program 
Support for students

Contact information to your student educational committee

(A) AUU auu[at]
(AT) ATU atu[at]
(AE) SNAE snae[at]
(D) DNS dns[at]
(E) SNE sne[at] 
(F) SNF^TM snf[at]
(H) SnH utb[at]
(I) SNI sni[at]
(IT) snIT snit[at]
(K) KUU kuu[at]
(KfKb) SnKfKb sn[at]
(M) Muu muu[at]
(Sjö) SjUU  utb[at] 
(TD) SNTD sntd[at]
(V) SNV snv[at]
(Z) SNZ snz[at]

Student safety and welfare representative (SAMO) – what do they do?

Your SAMO (Swedish: StuderandeArbetsMiljöOmbud) works to make sure that you feel safe in your work environment here at Chalmers, both physically and psychosocially. This means for example:
There needs to exist good study environments, with good ergonomics, with good temperature and that are well lit. 
You need to have access to a place to eat your lunch, and a possibility to store your lunch box. 
Students must not be exposed to harassment or discrimination, and if it happens good routines to follow up must be used. 
There needs to be a good relation between students, and between students and personnel. 
Students must have access to support in these mattersissues, your SAMO can help you find this. 

How to contact your SAMO

(A) auu[at]
(AT) atu[at]
(AE) snae[at]
(D) samo[at]
(E) lokal[at]
(F) styret.vordf[at]
(H) vordf[at]
(I) viceordf[at]
(IT) samo[at]
(K) vo[at]
(KfKb) viceordf[at]
(M) vo[at]
(Sjö) vordf[at]
(TD) samo[at]
(V) samo[at]
(Z) samo[at]