International Events Fund


Share your traditions

There are around 100 nationalities represented among the students at Chalmers University of Technology. Therefore there are many traditions and cultural events celebrated by students at Chalmers. 
The “International Events Fund” will make it possible for students at Chalmers to share their traditions with bigger events. Students participating at these cultural events will experience, learn and get to know each other’s traditions. 

Funding Requirements 

In order to receive money from the “International Events Fund” following conditions need to be fulfilled:
  • 1. Application sent to CIRC 21 days in advance (
  • 2. All students at Chalmers are eligible to get a tickets/attend. 
  • 3. Event should be promoted on information boards in Chalmers Student Union buildings the latest 7 days before event. 
Events open for more participants are more likely to be approved.