Initiating a student union society


All information on what you need to start a society, what's needed to become a SU-society and what perks it will give can be found in the document "Instruktioner för att starta kårförening inom Chalmers Studentkår" in the sidebar.

In the sidebar you will also find two appendixes to the instructions. The first appendix contains tips with the practical details of making a society - for example how the bylaws can look and what a society board does. The second appendix contains routines for changing the bylaws and a part of the SU regulations affecting the societies. Information on societies from the swedish tax agency can be found in swedish här.

To become a SU-society you need to show that you have the posibility to recruit, have a stable organisation and a long-term perspective. Normally it requires half a year of being a society and then having a meeting with vSO to be accepted as an official SU-society.

How does the process work?

The student union board decides about SU-society statuses, and this is how the process looks:

  1. When the society is thought to be stable and have a long term perspective, you can apply.
  2. Read through "Instruktioner för att starta kårförening inom Chalmers Studentkår"  with appendixes.
  3. Mail vSO the documents required as stated in the instructions.
  4. vSO prepears the decission to the SU-board 
  5. The SU-board makes a decission if the society is found to fulfill the requirements to be a SU-society and if the goals are aligned with the SU policy, aims goals.


Do you still have questions on how to start a student union society?
Contact Student Welfare and Campus Life Deputy Officer,