Convening Dates


The Student Union Council convenes eight times a year.

The meetings are evenly spread over the academic year. Additional meetings can be held if the Board, a member of council or a number of Union member so demands. The meeting venue alternates between the two campuses.

The meetings normally starts at 18:00 and will be held at the following dates during this academic year:

Study period 1
Meeting 1, Wednesday 16/9 (Study week 3)
Meeting 2, Wednesday 14/10 (Study week 7)

Study period 2
Meeting 3, Wednesday 18/11 (Study week 3)
Meeting 4, Wednesday 16/12 (Study week 7)

Study period 3
Meeting 5, Wednesday 3/2 (Study week 3)
Meeting 6, Wednesday 2/3 (Study week 7)

Study period 4
Meeting 7, Wednesday 20/4 and Saturday 23/4 (Study week 3). The elections is held at Saturday and the other issues will be discussed on Wednesday.
Meeting 8, Wednesday 18/5 (Study week 7)