Campus Johanneberg holds the largest Student unions building in Sweden.

Famous chalmerist and architects Gert Wingård drew our 9000+ sqm bulding in 2001 and it host restaurants, cafés, convenience store, pool, gym hall, conference center, offices and spaces for students to relax.

Chalmers has two campuses, Johanneberg and Lindholmen.

Campus Johanneberg

Here you can go swimming in our indoor pool, play in the gymhall, buy books in our own bookstore, eat well in our own, professionally driven restaurants, or just hang out with your friends, relax or study. There is a bus between both campuses on which you're entitled to a discounted buscard as well. The house is open all year (access with student union card after office hours) to its members.

Campus Lindholmen
With a magnificent view on the river and city Lindholmens offers a contemporary study environment alongside a smaller student union building, bookstore, and a large foodcourt. Bus no. 16 takes you between campuses nonstop but you can even enjoy a river tour on your regular public transport ticket or card directly to the city center.