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Changing user name in the aptus portal
30 October, 2014, kl 18:18
Hello I have been trying to log on the aptusportal using my personal number the one from the tax agency ( yymmddxxxx) and I couldn't seem to be able to log on, after a lot of tries I tried using my old personal number (the one that Chalmers provided to me) and it worked, so to who should I contact to change that the personal number to my new one? .Please note that I have notified both the Student Union and the Student Center of my new personal number.
Dimitrios Voulgaris

Hi Dimitrios,

Unfortunately all the systems involved do not communicate fully. This means your username is not automatically updated from your temporary Chalmers personal number to the one from the tax agency. To change this you have to send an e-mail to with your old and new personal number saying you want to change your aptus username.

Best Regards

Colin Qvarnström
Premises Officer 2014/2015

Could u tell me in which facility i could use treadmill?
02 September, 2014, kl 16:16

Dear student,

Unfortunately there is no treadmill availible in the Student Union's facilities.
You could go to the gym Fysiken,, where you will get a discount as a Chalmers Student Union member.

Best Regards,

Colin Qvarnström
Premises Officer 201472015

When can I apply for the Student Union membership?
02 June, 2014, kl 10:10
Dear Madame, dear Sir, I am a newly admitted student to a full time Master's programme at Chalmers university. My first semester will start on the 1st of September. I was wondering when I should apply for the Student Union membership and? Right now I am looking for an apartment and I have seen that if I have the Student Union membership you gain time for queues. I thank you in advance for your availability and I wish you a pleasant continuation. Best Regards
Nicola Rossi

Dear Nicola,

All students at Chalmers must enroll in the Student Union. This is done when you arrive. After registry you will get an invoice and after payment a student ID, your membership card, will be sent to you by post. This will make you a member and you can get access to all the great benefints within the Student Union. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions!

Here are three places to look for housing:



· (sign up ASAP if you haven’t already)

Best Regards

Noelle Madsen
Head of Communications
Chalmers Student Union

Student Card History
Union Companies
06 February, 2014, kl 15:15
Hello, Is it possible to get an history for the purchases made with my Chalmers Student Card ? My memory surely deceives me but I am surprised to see how fast it went down lately, and I would prefer to be sure. Best, Louis Tellier
Louis Tellier

Hi Louis,

That's a good question and luckily there is a way to settle your worries. Go to the web page and then click Guest/Studentcard -> Student card. There you'll find the button Account Balance, which takes you to a page where you can find your Student card balance and purchase history. Unfortunately, that particular page is only available in Swedish, but I hope this will help you sort out what your expenses have been!

Kind regards,

Anton Olbers

Student Affairs

Student Union Management

book music room
23 October, 2013, kl 19:19
Hi! I would like to book the music room in The Union Building, and I found the Aptus thing and tried to log in. What is needed for the username and password? Cause I tried a lot of variation from CID till personal number but nothing worked. Thanks for the answer. Anita Ollar
Anita Ollar


To login in at aptusportalet ( where you can book facilities as the music room the gym, grouprooms.
You use your social secity number on the format yymmddxxxx for example 0101015555 for a person born on the first of januari 2001.

Malcolm Granberg
Property Manager 13/14
Chalmers Student Union